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Teresa Phelps

It's hard to know where to turn when you're hurt and grieving. You may feel like you can't go on or as if you're all alone in your pain, but I'm here to tell you, grief recovery is possible!

I offer a safe and non-judgmental space to help you take the first steps towards healing. Together we will explore the three words that help us begin the process of recovery: different, better, more.

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About Me

I've told myself many lies over the years:

"I'm OK"

"It doesn't matter"

"It doesn't hurt"

But you know what? I was not ok, it did matter, and I did hurt. Over the years those lies became so easy to believe and they hurt me more than I ever imagined.

I "found" grief recovery through a friend in October of 2020. The first and most profound thing I learned was I didn't even know I was grieving. Through the program I was given a different set of tools to help me cope with life's curveballs; and I didn't realize I would be using my new tools so soon after completing the program.

In January 2020, I left my government position of almost 16 years due to downsizing, soon after the pandemic hit, and in December my grandfather (Tata) died. In January 2021, my Mom died and I soon began a long and stressful probate process. In June, my father-in-law died, and in December we moved to Tennessee.


As you can see, there were many changes and challenges through 2020 and 2021, but I've been able to approach it all differently because of what I learned. Of course I still hurt (a lot!), I was still mad, upset, angry, and feeling all kinds of emotions on a daily basis, but I finally knew what I had been dealing with, what I would be dealing with, and what those around me were dealing with: grief.

Thankfully we had a small breather in early 2022 to really take everything in, but there's still plenty of changes and challenges to come. Not to be pessimistic, but life, loss, and grief happens…and I know I'm equipped, knowledgeable, and supported. That's why my passion is to help others have the same.

Love is my motivation to do what's right and to do what's hard. That's why I help people through grief and loss. Resilience isn't something that's innate, it's a learned skill that is practiced over and over again.

In my spare time, I love spending time with family and friends, running, swimming, spending time outside in nature, doing new creative things, reading, writing, and napping.

Audience and Lecturer

My Story

My goal was not to become an entrepreneur. I was experiencing the pressure of having my second daughter later in life and it didn't start out as I had hoped.  I was struggling to heal, I was challenged in connecting with my daughter and handling the day to day tasks that I had done so well before. I began to believe that we had made a mistake by having our daughter…but in my heart I knew that wasn’t true.


We also had sleep issues--our daughter just would not sleep! I knew this wasn't "normal" and it wasn't "a phase that would pass" (as many people would tell me). I found support in a sleep coach then became certified to help others. There my passion for families began and I expanded the way I helped people--from sleep coaching to infant massage education, to life coaching, and now grief recovery.

I focus on building a strong foundation where we are better equipped to learn new tools from the old myths we've been taught. The first step may be to acknowledge that our grief has a hand in the way we approach life, the decisions we make, and the way we feel.


Truly, the information that has been passed down to us on how to effectively deal with grief has not been helpful:

"Don't feel sad"

"Time heals all wounds"

"Grieve alone"

"Stay busy"

"Replace the loss"

"Be strong for others"

Do any of these sound familiar?

Image by Pierre Bamin

Did you know that there are over 40 different life experiences that may cause grief, besides death and divorce?

My passion for helping others through their grief and loss comes from sharing the truth - grief is a normal and natural response to change. People seem to give plenty of advice about what to do, but the ONE thing that people don't offer is the HOW to go through grief. That's where I come in.

As hard as it is to face any kind of loss, I want you to know that you are never alone. I practice daily what I share, continuously making peace with my experiences and relationships. I'm never going to tell you that it's easy, but I will always encourage you that it will be worth it.


Give me a call, send me an email, let's meet! I'd love to learn how I can help you. 

I believe in you, 


My Mission

To help people build a strong foundation for their life and family through connection, communication, and commitment.


My Vision

To help parents better connect with their children to become a trusted resource in the child’s life.

I want to help:

Break cycles of abuse, trauma, and pain that leads to disconnect in the family.

By helping individuals become self-aware to break habits, limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve them.

Image by MD Duran


  • Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, University of Phoenix


  • Educator of Infant Massage, Infant Massage USA

  • Life Coach, International Practitioner’s and Coaches​

  • Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Grief Recovery Institute

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Contact Me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

+1 951 523 7959

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