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When we focus on what it is we want to accomplish, it's easy to let go of the extra – the extra drama, stress, anxiety, etc....but life has a funny way of throwing curveballs. When you are facing a situation that seems to keep you stuck, take some time and F.O.C.U.S.: Find, Observe, Challenge, Understand, S2 (Solutions & Support).

Find your story: What am I telling myself when I think about this situation (or what are you telling yourself in general)?

What are my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings when this situation or thought comes up?

When was the first time I felt this way?

Observe how it makes you feel: What emotions am I feeling (anger, frustration, etc.)? Really take some quiet time to find the answers.

When I think about this challenge, where do I feel it in my body? (shoulders, neck, jaw, etc.)

What would I like to feel instead?

Challenge your thoughts and beliefs.

When I think about this, is it really true?

When is it not true?

How would I be as a person if it weren't true?

Understand where the story comes from: When was the first time I felt this way?

What do I need to know that I didn't know before?

Solutions & Support: What are some other ways I can prepare for or approach the situation, differently than I am now?

What is the next smallest step I can take now?

Who can I talk to to help me in this situation?

Once you've completed these steps, the work is just beginning! Reach out and share with me new things you've discovered.

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