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Grief Myth #2: Don't Feel...

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

How many times have you heard:

"Don't feel bad, it was just a dog"?

"Don't feel sad, he was a jerk, I didn't like him anyway"?

“Don’t burden others with your feelings.”

“Don’t cry…it will be all right”

"It’s ok, here's a cookie"?

Most recently at my dentist's office, I saw a woman bring with her a four-year-old boy. I overheard the woman explain that this was her nephew and he had "an attitude" this morning. She just picked him up from his Mom's house and after her appointment she was going to take him to his dad's house. The little boy was quiet, with his head down, not really wanting to engage in a conversation. In response, the receptionist told him "Why do you have an attitude? Don't act like that!" After a few minutes, the little boy began answering her questions and having a conversation with her.