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Grief Myth #6: Stay Busy

Now that we have 5 of the 6 myths under our belts, have you heard this one: "Just keep busy"?

"Just keep busy and you will be fine"

"Just keep busy, it will be all right"

How familiar does this sound (kind of like “replace the loss” with busyness, or if you keep busy, “time will heal” the loss)? By now we all know that this myth—and the last five myths—aren’t helpful.

When we just keep busy, we bury the pain of the loss under an avalanche of activities.

Keeping busy can especially be frustrating for people who weren't so busy to begin with—because in addition to the loss they are trying to heal, they are also trying to create a new life they've never lived before.

Most grievers will say, "No matter how busy I stay, at the end of the day there is still a hole in my heart.” Or they are more frustrated, "I kept busy, but I felt worse not better."