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How Do You Show Self-Love?

Are the words:






…part of your vocabulary?

Do you give these gifts to yourself freely?

Today is a reminder to just take care of you…yes, YOU!

This time especially may be when memories of loved ones that have passed, isolation, and loneliness can get the best of us.

I want to encourage you what you are feeling is normal and natural…and I want you to take some time for yourself.

~Spend some quiet time doing something you love (try a puzzle, spend time with your animal, or try a new recipe).

~Spend some time doing physical activity (go for a short walk, go the gym, or do a little stretching).

~Spend some time with the ones you love (meet for a cup of coffee, schedule a Zoom to catch up, or give me a call!).

~Spend some time volunteering (find a local non-profit or business that needs some support).

If none of these ideas sound good to you, what would you like to do? I encourage you to make a list of activities that fuel your mind, body, and spirit—then take some time for some self-love!

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