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I made a mistake...

As I learn more about how I can help people, I tend to try to help everyone.

Y’know what, though?

I can’t help everyone, but I can help a lot of people.

In this season of growth, I’ve realized I have tried to be everything for everyone…and it’s exhausting!

As I sat with my Rock Your Resolutions program, I realized that grief (along with feelings of failure, doubt, and so much more!) may affect how we approach our goals,  may hinder our potential in reaching our goals, and even if we even try to create goals.

So it makes sense to support people in dealing with the underlying problems first…the emotions that keep us stuck, the belief that “we are not worth it” and the experiences in life that come up over and over again in our relationships, finances, career/business, health, faith, and more. 

I’m not really one to gloss over the obvious. The truth is hard sometimes (well, all the time!), but we have choices in how we move forward.

As much as I love helping people reach their goals, I believe in my heart that it’s more important to deal with the underlying challenges first. I used to believe that people don’t want to hear about grief, don’t want to face it, and don’t want to talk about it, but I was wrong and I made a mistake. I tried to steer my services to what I wanted, not what is needed.

I decided to offer the 60 Day Emotional Healing Journey at a discounted price ($597 for a limited time, $397).

What would your life look like if you:

  • Have tried and true step-by-step guidance to help you heal your heart?

  • Identify the underlying causes of stress, overwhelm, and stuck-ness?

  • Gain new insights and tools to help implement healthy coping strategies?

  • Find long-term healing?

The more I think about it, I’m not doing anyone any favors by overlooking the obvious -  we’ve all been hurt somewhere and somehow. It’s how we carry it, or let it go, that hinders us or helps us in moving forward.

What if the next 60 days could change your life?

For more information, please visit the 60 Day Emotional Healing Journey page and schedule a call now!

As always, however you are feeling today, I want you to know that you are never alone. I encourage you to reach out—if not to me, then to someone! 

Give me a call or text at 951.523.7959, send me an email at, or click here to schedule a chat.

I believe in you,


P.S. How helpful was this? If you think of someone who may benefit, please do not hesitate to forward this information. Thank you!

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