Our Emotions Impact the Outcome

When was the last time you tried something and it didn't turn out as you had hoped?

Or you experienced something that is keeping you stuck?

What did you feel about the situation? About yourself? Or about others who may have been there as well?

Most times I think we identify with a handful of emotions, not knowing that there are so many others lying below the surface. One of the most impactful programs I've completed is How We Love with Milan and Kay Yerkovich. By learning, understanding and applying what they share, I now know that emotions aren't just limited to happy, sad, mad, angry, stressed and depressed.

When I think about the last time I tried something and it didn't turn out the way I hoped, now I can also identify and add: hurt, disappointment, heartbroken, confused, scared, worried, and anxious. By fully understanding that there is so much more to our experiences, and how our emotions affect the way we feel about doing something over again, like: getting into a new relationship after a break up or divorce, failing an important test, closing a business, starting a new career, losing a family member, or whatever it may be that keeps us from doing what will make us happy, I can see why it's difficult sometimes to move forward in a positive way when we haven't fully identified our emotions and taken steps to move through them.

When thinking about experiences and uncovering emotions, it takes some time, reflection and honesty. I think one if the hardest things to do is to be honest with ourselves; it takes humility and a vulnerability to admit that we need help…and that we may need others to help us.

Asking for help may be the hardest and scariest step, but well worth the effort.

So, how honest are you willing to be with yourself? Or the difference you want to make today? What's keeping you from doing what you want...and the life you deserve?

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