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The 6 Myths of Grief

It’s unfortunate we weren’t given a grief manual to follow from the beginning of our lives—add to that, a marriage manual, a parenting manual, a finance manual and so on!

As we grew up, we depended on others to show us, tell us, even guide us to dealing with grief. The sad truth is that most people didn’t fully understand what grief was and were just passing along information that was handed to them, even though it wasn’t very helpful.

One of the challenges I face is helping people understand that grief deserves to be acknowledged and deserves our attention. Yes it may hurt and yes it feels really good to get to the other side of grief, which is healing.

Sometimes, though, we just don’t know where to begin.

The first step, which may be the scariest step, is asking for help. Sometimes we feel so alone, like no one understands us, and healing seems so far from reality. The truth is, no one will understand your grief. No one can ever fully feel what you’ve experienced because we are all unique in our thoughts, beliefs and experiences—but just because no one may understand your loss doesn’t mean there cannot be healing.