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What Obstacles are Holding You Back?

What are some obstacles that may be getting in the way of reaching your goals?

“There is too much going on right now.”

“Other things keep coming up when I finally decide to do something.”

“I don’t have the right support.”

All these reasons—and more!—comes up for each of us. The truth is, life can always be full of “too much going on” or “things coming up” as well as the emotions around not having the right resources, support, or vision.

So, is it really possible to overcome these obstacles to move forward?

Here are some ideas to help:

Prioritize and organize. 

When we feel as though there's “too much going on,” it's helpful to identify exactly what’s going on. When I speak to groups about prioritizing their goals, I have them do an exercise of simply writing down their “to do” list. From the “to do” list, we can identify and organize the tasks into what’s really important to them—what needs to be completed immediately, what can wait, and what can be delegated. This helps clear the path to focusing on their long-term goals.  

Set clear and realistic goals. 

By identifying what we want to achieve, we can break it down into small, actionable tasks. Setting small goals with clear action steps can help us stay focused and motivated. This approach ensures a clear path forward and we can create measurable steps to track progress along the way.

Eliminate distractions.

What are some things that often derail your progress?

Is it social media?




What are some ways we can minimize or eliminate these distractions?

I encourage you to create a dedicated workspace, set specific times for focused work, or use apps that block distracting websites and notifications. By creating an environment that promotes focused work and concentration, it will be easier to stay on track and be more productive.

Seek support and build a network.

By surrounding yourself with people who encourage and support you, they can be the influence and reminder to help you through tough times. Have a list of friends, family, mentors, colleagues, or other business owners handy, to quickly reach out for that small burst of motivation, guidance, and accountability when needed.

Stay flexible and adaptable. 

Life is unpredictable and plans can change. By creating a mindset to embrace flexibility and reflecting, we can adjust our expectations, goals, and strategies as needed. By reframing setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow, we can navigate obstacles more effectively and build resilience in the face of challenges.

Obstacles come up all the time—for me, obstacles show up when I’m really excited and motivated to do something new! But obstacles don’t have to be the focus. By taking some steps to really identify what you want in life, obstacles can become a way to keep you on the right path.

What obstacles can you identify in your life?

What are some ways these obstacles are hindering you from moving forward?

What will life be like one year from now if you continue on the same path? Five years? 10 years? 

As always, however you are feeling today, I want you to know that you are never alone. I encourage you to reach out—if not to me, then to someone!

I believe in you,


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