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Women's Collective:
In Training for Joy

Embark on this 6-month journey to discover a new you!

Imagine having the support you need to reach your goals and create the life you want. Well, imagine no more! This six month collective (group support) will guide you from where you’re at to where you want to be — in relationships, finances, health, faith, career, and more!

What to Expect

This unique six month experience was created with you in mind…to help you get from where you are to where you want to be!


We will meet every 2nd Monday of the month:

      November 13, 2023:

            Session #1: What Are the Possibilities?

                Topic: Dreaming

       December 11, 2023

           Session #2: What Is Possible?

             Topic: Vision Casting

      January 8, 2024

          Session #3: Why Can’t I?

             Topic: Grief 101

      February 12, 2024

          Session #4: Where Am I?

            Topic: Self-Awareness

      March 11, 2024

          Session #5: Where Do I Want to Go?

              Topic: Life Wheel

      April 8, 2024

          Session #6: What is Your Vision Moving Forward?

             Topic: Reflection, Support & New Tools

**A make up day will be scheduled for May 13, 2024 if for any reason a session is cancelled.

During our time together, we will identify tools to foster your relationships, finances, career, faith, health, and more. This community atmosphere offers a safe space for encouragement, enrichment and support!

What you will get:

  • Live coaching. You'll receive and witness transformational coaching around real life challenges

  • One 2 hour group session a month: Gain access to education and tools to elevate your awareness

  • One 30 minute accountability and encouragement call in between sessions

  • New insights, awarenesses, and practical tools that you can apply immediately

  • Access to email and text support throughout each month

Inquire today for more information about the next Women's Collective!

Note: If a group setting is not for you, please inquire about my individual coaching services.  

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