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I've told myself many lies over the years:

"I'm OK"

"It doesn't matter"

"It doesn't hurt"

But you know what? I was not ok, it did matter, and I did hurt. Over the years those lies became so easy to believe and they hurt me more than I ever imagined...

When was the last time you really needed to talk and reached out to someone who:


A. Gave you unsolicited advice

B. Said something that only made you feel ashamed, alone and misunderstood 

C. Made you regret even reaching out

D. Made your phone call about themselves, comparing and telling you that they have it worse than you

E. All of the above!


How often does this happen and we begin to feel like we are alone and need to deal with it by ourselves? 

Many times this scenario has played out in my life, which left me feeling alone, hurt and misunderstood....but through it all, there was a small part of me that knew there was a better way!


Through the obstacles and challenges in life, I "found" life coaching. As a huge advocate of therapy, I found coaching to be more helpful with where I was at in that point of my life. I found clarity, deep healing, new awarenesses and tools along with supportive people who weren't telling me what to do, but coming alongside me in my journey. I realized that I no longer needed to carry all the hurts and baggage of my past and that life can be different and better without them.


The truth is, we cannot navigate life alone. No matter how strong we think we think we are, our burdens can be too much to carry.


I've spent the last decade creating a safe space for people to share the good, the bad and the ugly. 


As a coach I'm not going to tell you what to do, but help you unburden yourself and guide you to get clear on what your next steps will be! 

Fun Facts

I was born and raised in AZ, spent half my life in CA, and now living in TN where it feels like home sweet home

Favorite pastime: Napping

What am I proud of? Continuing to seek for answers and solutions, even when I felt there was no hope

Favorite books: The Bible, The 12 Week Year, Atomic Habits

Personal Core Values

  • Healthy communication, no matter how hard the conversation is

  • Total honesty, with compassion and love

  • Asking questions--there are no dumb questions!

  • Accepting that everyone is unique, with their own experiences and perspectives

  • Healthy boundaries--and eliminating unhealthy relationships and experiences

  • Being a life student--there's always something to learn!

Certifications & Experience:
Certified Life Coach, International Practitioner's and Coaches Association
Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, The Grief Recovery Institute
Certified Infant Massage Educator, Infant Massage USA 

By being a heart with ears, I am able to be fully present and truly hear your heart. With curiosity and compassion, I'm able to help you gain new awareness and insights to tap into your gifts and talents.


My goal is to help you help yourself by discovering new ways to approach old problems. 


I have gained so much through my trainings and experiences and my passion is to help others realize that life can be better. Even if life is good, we can always have better!


If you are feeling hopeless right now, I'd love to share some of my hope with you. Please reach out--schedule a call here or send me an email at

Emily M., TN 

Mom of 11-year-old

Our son had a ton of anxiety and behavioral issues, issues that made it hard for him to socialize and nearly impossible for him to go to school. We cycled through a list of doctors and therapists to no avail. Either we got a doctor that wanted to blindly medicate him and push him further down the assembly line or we got a therapist that made a token effort with him and failed to connect on any level. This went on and on for some time until we met Teresa. Right away we noticed she was different. She was calm and understanding from the beginning and she genuinely listened to our story.

Teresa took the time to observe his day-to-day routine and figure out what was making him feel the way he was. She then gave him the tools to understand and cope with his emotions. It wasn't a magical fix (what is?) and it didn't happen overnight, but over time Teresa wrought a lasting change in our son that we are eternally grateful for. She came into our home and slowly made friends with him. His defenses came down and he opened up to her and that is where the real work was done.

He would speak to her candidly and only then was she able to really help him. That is her genius. It's not the techniques she learned as a specialist (many have those), it's that she genuinely cares for and can disarm the most stubborn child with her joy and warmth. He is in a good place in his life, and it is in no small part due to Teresa. She put our son on a path to maturity and become his best self and we will never be able to repay her for that.

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