Don’t Wait

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow, Start Today

Many of us live a "when/then" kind of life:

"When I pay off my bills, then I will take a vacation"

"When I retire, then I will be happy"

"When the kids are older, then I will travel"

"When I have the time, then I will ...."

"When (you fill in the blanks) ... then ..."

The truth is, we don't know what tomorrow holds. I was listening to a sermon by Mark Driscoll and he says, "Today is a good day to live." How are you living?

We all, at some point, we all want different, want something more. There is nothing wrong with wanting more happiness, more money, a career you love, healthy relationships, or whatever it is your heart desires. If you can think of one or more things you'd like different in your life, why wait to start? Why not start right now?

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